Why Is My Car Accident Claim Going To Court

Why Is My Car Accident Claim Going To Court?

My car accident claim is going to court for several reasons. These cases typically end up in court when:

Disagreement over Liability:

In situations where both drivers involved in the accident cannot agree on who is at fault, and there are no eyewitnesses to corroborate the events, insurers often dispute responsibility for the accident.

Complex Personal Injury Claims:

When individuals seek substantial compensation for severe injuries, such as back, head, and spinal injuries, the case may head to court.

This happens particularly when there are conflicting assessments from medical experts regarding the extent and consequences of these injuries.

In essence, my car accident claim is proceeding to court due to disputes surrounding liability and the complexity of the personal injury claims involved.

Why Is My Car Accident Claim Going To Court

What Happens if a Car Accident Claim Goes to Court?

  • Your solicitor initiates negotiations with the other party’s insurer in an attempt to reach a compensation settlement.
  • If negotiations fail, and no agreement is reached before the final hearing date, the court proceedings commence.
  • The case unfolds in a civil court without a jury. A judge assesses evidence presented by both sides, determining liability if contested and the appropriate compensation for losses and injuries.

Will I Have to Attend Court in Person?

  • Attendance requirements depend on the claim’s value. For claims up to £25,000, your solicitor or barrister usually represents you.
  • For larger claims, the judge may request your presence to provide testimony. Your solicitor will offer guidance on the proceedings.
  • During the hearing, you’ll discuss your injuries, accident circumstances, and their impact on your life. Both barristers will question you to assess your reliability and credibility. Always answer truthfully.

How Long Does a Claim Take If It Goes to Court?

  • Court proceedings can be time-consuming, often spanning several months to over a year, depending on case complexity.
  • Your solicitor gathers evidence, such as police reports, witness statements, and accident photographs, to bolster your case.
  • Independent medical experts assess your injuries, treatment, and future impact. Financial implications, like loss of earnings and ongoing care, are also documented.

Could My Claim Be Settled Out of Court?

  • Yes, even with a final hearing date set, insurers may offer compensation to avoid trial due to the uncertainty and legal costs associated with court proceedings.

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