How Many Times Can You Postpone Small Claims Court

How Many Times Can You Postpone Small Claims Court? Learn about the rules and limits for rescheduling your small claims court date.

The frequency of rescheduling a small claims court date depends on the state.

Typically, most courts permit one or two reschedules without requiring an explanation.

If additional rescheduling is necessary (more than twice), you must submit a motion to the court.

In the motion, you should provide a clear reason for the request.

The judge will make a decision on whether to approve your request.

How Many Times Can You Postpone Small Claims Court

Valid reasons to reschedule a court date

1. Illness or Injury

  • Any medical condition hindering attendance (e.g., serious illness, injury, surgery).
  • Requiring medical care on the court date (e.g., hospital stay or doctor’s appointment).

2. Family Emergency

  • Immediate attention needed (e.g., family member’s illness or death, natural disaster affecting family, child custody emergency).

3. Work Conflict

  • Inability to take time off from work.
  • Likelihood of approval may be higher with alternative arrangements for representation.

4. Military Service

  • Active military duty hindering attendance.

5. Witness Unavailability

  • Essential witness unavailable to testify.
  • Requirement of documentation of witness’s unavailability.

6. Need to Gather Additional Evidence

  • Requirement for more time to collect evidence.
  • Detailed explanation of evidence and reasons for extension required.

7. Scheduling Error by the Court

  • Mistakes in court date scheduling.
  • Ability to reschedule without difficulty.

Factors considered by the court:

  • The duration of the reschedule request.
  • Impact on the court’s schedule.
  • Severity of consequences if not rescheduled.
  • Efforts made to mitigate attendance obstacles.

Can you reschedule a court date on the same day?

  • Rescheduling a court date on the same day is highly improbable.
  • Typically, courts mandate filing a reschedule motion several days in advance.
  • Yet, with a legitimate reason, same-day rescheduling might be possible by directly addressing the court clerk or judge.

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How to reschedule a court date online

Steps to reschedule a court date online:

  1. Visit the court’s website where your case is pending.
  2. Log in to your existing account or create a new one.
  3. Locate your case information.
  4. Access the link for rescheduling your court date.
  5. Choose a new date from the available options.
  6. Submit your reschedule request.
  7. Await the court’s review and their decision.
    • If approved, you’ll receive a new court date.
    • If denied, contact the court clerk’s office for further options.

Tips for rescheduling online:

  • Ensure you have a valid reason for the reschedule.
  • Prepare to provide supporting documents (e.g., doctor’s note, employer’s letter).
  • Submit the request as early as possible to allow time for notifying other parties.
  • Follow up with the court clerk’s office to confirm processing.

If online rescheduling isn’t possible:

Additional considerations:

  • Some courts may impose a rescheduling fee.
  • If you have a public defender, obtain their approval.
  • When rescheduling a trial, secure consent from other parties involved in your case.

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